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Pure Insanity

That I still gain and even have so many followers with my not being here and all. I still love you guys. Don’t forget…


Anonymous: hi ive really been wanting to tell you i have a love crush on u! if u want to know who i am message me on kik! bernicedaugherty5 

AWWW! This is too sweet! Well I guess you are unaware, but I don’t get on this blog anymore, but I came to answer your message because your kik is off and show my remaining followers my new hair. Anyway, thank you so much for this dear message, darling! It made me grin. And if you want to talk over Tumblr, my new URL is n0tinthislifetime!

Anonymous: I love you! :) 

I love you too, precious anon. :3


I wanted Kelsi and her fan sign she made for me that night to be the last thing that I posted because as I stated in her memoir, I do not want her forgotten.

Thank you all again for supporting my blog. I love you all dearly! <3

Anonymous: Where are you going? 


Anonymous: Please don't go darling, I love you xxxx 

I’m so sorry, but I must. If you truly love me, though, you can come off of anon and we can discuss ways to keep in touch! I will keep the messages private, as well. Have a wonderful day!